28. The Astrology of Trump: The Downside

Last time, I went into stargazer mode and examined Donald Trump’s astrological birth chart – here it is – concentrating my attention on its most conspicuous feature:  an exceptionally powerful Sun, prominently posted, conjunct Uranus and the North Node of the Moon.  In the chart, these celestial entities are grouped closely together near the top, in the wedge-shaped space numbered 10.  I won’t repeat my analysis here – except for my conclusion that Trump must be an individual with a strong personality, living much in the public eye, who tends to react to outside prodding in unconventional and seemingly erratic ways, which often have positive results for him.

So, what else is new?

Astrology – especially when it’s applied to celebrities – has this slightly annoying quality of primarily telling you things you already know.  Still, that tends to confirm the validity of the method.  What else can be said about the Don?

Quite a bit, actually.  His Solar aspects are key.  The Babylonian savants divided the Great Circle of the heavens into 360 degrees, and reckoned that the planets at certain “harmonic” distances from each other would mix their powers, for good or ill.  Planets 90 degrees apart, for instance, are said to be in square aspect, which is bad; these planets will conflict.  Planets in trine aspect, 120 degrees apart, will cooperate happily.  You get the general idea.  Trump’s Sun makes aspects with no less than seven of the nine other planets.  Most are good or neutral, but two are very, very bad.

The most noteworthy of these involves the Moon – along with the Sun, the most important planet, the archetypal feminine, locus of the subject’s compassion and strong emotion.  Located in the Fourth House (wedge-shaped space number 4 in the chart), in Sagittarius, Trump’s Moon is directly opposite to his Sun – 180 degrees distant – which is bad for both planets.  Each will tend to obstruct and contradict the other’s influence.  Indeed, such Sun/Moon oppositions are quite worrisome, denoting a serious problem with integrating the Yin and Yang sides of the subject’s personality, and suggesting severe difficulties relating to the opposite sex.

If you don’t like Trump, this is probably the reason why.

From the chart, we see that, while Trump’s Sun (the little circle with a dot inside) is posted near the top, meaning it was high in the sky, easily visible, at the moment of his birth, the Moon (the little crescent) – being opposite – is deeply hidden, well below the horizon.  In fact, Trump shows so little overt sign of any “feminine” compassion or emotionality, we might conjecture that he has dealt with this difficult opposition by just suppressing the Lunar part of his nature – particularly since it’s not likely to bring him much profit.  I noted in my last posting that Trump’s Sun is conjunct the North Node, a lucky point; his Moon, being precisely opposite, is conjunct the South Node, which – as you might’ve guessed – is an unlucky point.  Thus, whenever he’s motivated to act in a kindly way, he tends to lose something.  No wonder he’s a hard-ass.

Alternatively, since the Fourth House relates to family matters, we might guess that this Moon placement implies Trump will confine his caring feelings to the domestic sphere, while projecting a more callous public persona.  Even so, the direct Sun/Moon clash means trouble.  He’s been divorced twice, after all.  Taking the Moon in Trump’s chart to symbolize females in general, we might theorize that women typically will be repulsed by his domineering, insouciant image and his scorn for the proprieties – and that he’ll pay no heed to their sensibilities.

It’s bound to be a problem for him.

The other bad Solar aspect also features the Moon.  Paradoxically, two opposed planets will tend to have similar aspects to other planets, and both Sun and Moon make unfavorable aspects to Pluto, which might be the last planet you’ll want to have a beef with.  Pluto fosters hidden forces, subversion, fundamental change, violent upheaval, and death on a large scale – a perilous orb, to say the least.  Trump’s Pluto is placed in the Twelfth House of delusion, secret enemies, treachery, utter failure, and frustration.  If this doesn’t sound good to you, you’ve been paying attention.

Astrology fortunately shows potentialities, not certainties.  I’d interpret this scary configuration as showing a very real danger that Trump’s erratic egotism (Sun/Uranus conjunction), expressed verbally (Gemini), can trigger extensive bloodshed (Pluto) fated to end in futility (Twelfth House).  Trump’s family concerns can conflict with his public position (Sun/Moon opposition), and could also engender upheaval (Pluto again).  We can imagine many scenarios that fit this general description – and that’ll remain live possibilities as long as Trump is President.

To summarize, in this posting we’ve learned from Trump’s natal horoscope that he has trouble relating to women and that his random tweeting could lead to disaster.  Again, that’s not exactly news – but it’s ominous to have our worst fears verified by the stars.  There’s more to this chart:  a stress on wealth and possessions, a tendency to act in ways that relieve a present difficulty but are ultimately fruitless, and – surprisingly – a possible openness to progressive concepts that could assist in overcoming some of the negative features of this chart.  But I’m done with astrology for now.

Next time, I’ll explain why the Democrats (probably) won’t win in 2020.

Blessed be.

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