27. The Astrology of Trump: Why He’s So Powerful

A while back, I essayed an analysis of Hitler’s horoscope, and now I’m going to do the same for Donald Trump.  There’s no earthly (i.e. scientific) reason for astrology to work, yet it nevertheless seems to, something which I’ve always found unsettling and rather amusing.  I don’t, incidentally, see any particular resemblance between the charts of those two politicians, which I guess is something of a relief.

Here’s Trump’s natal horoscope.  It’s an astrological description of the positions of the heavenly bodies for the exact time and place that he was born – 10:54 am, June 14, 1946, in New York City (specifically Queens).  This diagram will at first be unintelligible to most of my readers – hieroglyphs scattered around a circle – but the basic concept is fairly simple.  Imagine yourself facing South.  The Eastern horizon is on your left hand, the Western horizon on your right.  The circle represents the Ecliptic – the Sun’s yearly path through the signs of the Zodiac – and the top of the circle denotes the point on the Ecliptic highest in the sky at the key moment.  Planets in the upper half of the diagram are above the horizon.  The lowest point of the circle is the point on the Ecliptic directly under your feet, so the planets in the bottom half are below the horizon.  The numbered wedges are Houses, computed by any of several arcane formulas for dividing space; the hieroglyphs signify planets, signs, and certain important points.

The above explanation is oversimplified to the point of some inaccuracy, but it’s good enough for our purposes.

Even this simplistic level of analysis tells us something.  In Trump’s chart, seven out of the ten planets are above the horizon, which promises a life that is mostly visible to everyone, with relatively little happening beneath the surface.  This is certainly not an introspective individual; what you see is what you get.  No less than nine out of the ten planets are located in the Eastern half of the chart, which means they’re rising in the sky.  This indicates a person who’s always on the make, looking for ways to get ahead, focused on combining dispersed elements for his own benefit.  Planets in the Western half of the chart are going down, marking a person whose affairs may be in decline and who’s mainly devoted to helping others.  That’s not Trump.

Trump’s a Gemini, which is significant.  But it’s more significant that Leo is his Rising Sign – meaning that this sign of the Zodiac was on the Eastern horizon just as the Don arrived, no doubt loudly, on the scene.  Every sign has a ruling planet, in Leo’s case the Sun, and since Leo is rising, the Sun becomes the Ruling Planet of the whole chart.  This is huge.  The Sun, by itself, is a powerful planet, and when its strength is enhanced through Rulership, it signifies an individual with visible charisma and a commanding persona, always the center of attention, able to pull others into orbit about himself.  A Gemini is more of a talker than a doer, however.  He’s persuasive – but when the time comes to perform, there’s no guarantee he’ll be around.

This unusually powerful Sun is placed in the Tenth House – high in the sky, near the zenith – indicating a person who’s very much in the public eye, perhaps occupying a position of great governmental authority.  Also, the Sun is conjunct Uranus – meaning these two planets are close together, within a few degrees of each other – which has the effect of blending their influences.  This isn’t bad, but it’s a little disquieting.  Uranus is a challenging planet, at best.  It implies erratic, unpredictable behavior, unconventional ideas, and one who marches to a different drummer.  It openly flouts custom and seeks to upset the establishment.  Because this eccentric planet is so nearly entangled with the Sun, its influence is pervasive in Trump’s chart.

There’s more.  Nestled between Uranus and the Sun, hence connected with both, is the North Node of the Moon.  This is the point in space where the Moon’s orbit about the Earth crosses the Ecliptic going north.  If you aren’t clear on what that means, don’t worry.  All you need to know is that this is a point of great good fortune for the subject of the chart.  As the planets continue to revolve in their fixed courses during Trump’s lifetime, whenever one of them crosses this section of the heavens, Trumps’ natal Sun, North Node, and Uranus will all be activated – bringing him personally to the forefront, encouraging his volatility, and giving him a dollop of success.

That’s obviously an extremely favorable configuration for Trump.  If you put all of this together – Ruling Sun, Tenth House placement, Uranus conjunction, and North Node – this is very clearly the chart of a public figure, a person in authority, who dominates the political scene by means of effective communication (Gemini), and bewilders his opponents by engaging in unexpected, apparently bizarre, actions – which, however, always seem to work out for him.

Remind you of anyone?

Trump’s detractors won’t be happy to hear that his MO has been foreordained by the stars, and primed to benefit him even when, by rights, it shouldn’t.  Well, all charts, including this one, have negative features.  I’ll look at those next time.

Blessed be.

# # #